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I am a dog & horse trainer, freelance writer for canine publications, co-presenter of the podcast Dog Heroes and former dog carer at the home of Channel 4's The Dog House. Working additionally as a qualified therapist within the NHS, my skills are not only in dog & horse behaviour and training but in people too! I have an empathic and non-judgemental approach to help you to achieve your canine goals, and I am here to support and guide you to get the best from your furry family member - after all, it's you I'll be teaching more than your dog or horse!

I have lived with dogs all my life and worked in dog rescue for 3 years, with a particular interest in rescued, adolescent, fearful and aggressive dogs. At home, I have a Belgian Shepherd Groenendahl X German Shepherd, Belgian Malinois x German Shepherd and a German Shepherd mix who are never too far from my feet! I also have two rescue ponies who I have clicker trained from scratch: one of whom is now a ridden pony.


Fully insured, I have completed IMDT workshops in dog behaviour and training, and am currently undergoing a level 5 diploma in dog behaviour. I am an approved member of the International Society of Animal Professionals (ISAP), The Dog Welfare Alliance (DWA), International Companion Animal Network and Professional Dog Businesses UK.

You can find me on Facebook at  Bright Animal Training UK, and join the Bright Dog Training Support Group here for like-minded dog guardians from around the world to share their questions, successes and experiences of all things dog & horse, and dog & horse behaviour and training.

And whether dog owner or professional trainer, I invite you to become a Bright Dog Training Patron here to access an exclusive treasure trove of guidance videos, how-to's, live Q&A's, resources, case discussion with peers and more.

I look forward to supporting you and your canine or equine companion's journeys together!



Member of the International Society of Animal Professionals

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Member of the Dog Welfare Alliance


Member of

Professional Dog Businesses UK

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As seen on

Channel 4's The

Dog House

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Feature writer for the Edition Dog


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