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Interested in teaching your horse using clicker training?
Already using clicker training with your horses but have reached a stumbling block?

Clicker training is a tool that uses the principles of positive reinforcement; the horse is rewarded for a desired behaviour. Unlike other methods of training horses, this approach means that the horse is motivated to offer behaviours without fear of what might happen if he makes a mistake. As such, clicker trained horses are inquisitive and willing, and clicker training is a rewarding way of learning for horse and owner. 


Online or in-person sessions at your horse's home address commonly faced problems and areas including:

Consent training for veterinary procedures, e.g., injections
Standing still at the mounting block and when tied
Stress-free worming
Head-shy horses
Travelling fears
Fears and phobias

Catching from the field
Resource guarding
Handling manners

Grass training (horses that pull for grass)

Farriery handling
Horses that barge

Backing a ridden horse

Riding a horse away
Hoof handling and farriery
Stress-free clipping
Basic training for young horses
All groundwork
The unhandled horse

£40 per hour (mileage over 20 miles from Crosthwaite not included)

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