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Training should be fun and enjoyable for both you and your dog. Fully insured, Bright Animal Training guides you in understanding and teaching your dog using force-free methods based on reward and positive reinforcement. 

Providing in-person sessions across Cumbria and further afield, or remote sessions UK-wide, bespoke training is designed to fulfil you and your dog's specific needs. Feel consistently supported through regular check-ins, video reviews, updates and communication between sessions to monitor continual progress, with friendly feedback provided every step of the way.


Common unwanted behaviours I can help with include: puppy and adolescent dog behaviours, breed trait outlets, mouthing, settling in a new dog, aggression, chewing, guarding, rehoming a rescue dog, loose-lead walking, exuberance, reactivity, aggression, attention-seeking, over-arousal, recall, jumping up, confidence-building,  phobias, fear-based behaviours, toilet training, strengthening the dog-guardian relationship...whatever the issue, get in touch to agree an individualised plan for your dog.

Service includes a free pre-assessment, written training plan sent to you after each session, & free message/email support for life.

In-person: £50 per 1-hour session (for travel further than a 20-mile radius of Crosthwaite please ask for a price).

Remote: £50 per 1-hour session

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